Repeat Prescription Request
  • Below is a form to request a repeat prescription for your regular medication. Please note that this is only for medication that you are already on. If you need a prescription for a new medication or something that we have not prescribed for you in a long time you will need a consultation with a doctor.
  • Please remember to put the medication name (rather than what you take if for) and dose (“strength”).
  • Use one line per one item of medication in the ‘Medication Required’ field.
  • You will receive an e-mail with confirmation of what you have requested.
  • Please allow at least 48 hours for your request to be processed.
  • Your prescription will be emailed to the pharmacy you have indicated below and you should contact this pharmacy to arrange collection of your medication.
  • For private patients (patients with no medical or doctor visit card) you will need to pay the fee of €25 for your prescription securely on this website.